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The Ponds of the Třeboň Region

Svět Pond (World)

Svět Pond embankment is 1500 metres long and is lined with full-grown historic oak trees. A substantial part of the embankment functions as a footpath, which presents the possibility of a lovely walk regardless of season. The footpath leads to a forest park on the south side of the pond. The forest park encircles a historic monument, the Schwarzenberg Tomb, the final resting place of a number of Schwarzenberg lineage descendants. The forest park then ends at Ostende beach where there is a foot tennis court and a giant chess board available.

The northern shore of Svět hosts a public sandy beach where you can find a water slide and a paddle boat hire. The beach leads into a large park where Spa Aurora complex is situated.

A monumental statue of Jakub Krčín, the founder of Svět Pond, stands on the embankment. Its vicinity serves as a place of rest and it is also a point from where you can board* a pleasure cruise around the pond.* Moreover, the statue marks the start of a 39 km long nature trail for cyclists called Okolo Třeboně.

A Brief History of the Svět Pond

Svět went at first by the name of Ungratefulness. It was founded in 1574 by Jakub Krčín of Jelčany and Sedlčany, an eminent South Bohemian pond builder, in the suburbs outside the gates of Třeboň. Thusly it served as a part of the town’s defence line. Its former name Ungratefulness alludes to the times it flooded the town until a better, sturdier embankment was built. In 1611 it was divided into two ponds, Svět and Opatovický. Svět is the 7th largest pond of the Třeboň region.

Pond Opatovický

Pond Opatovický is one of the oldest ponds in the Třeboň region. Its embankment is 1177 metres long. The pond was founded in the 14th century. Štěpánek Netolický, an eminent pond builder, further expanded the pond in 1510-18. Jakub Krčín later tried to join Opatovický with Svět but his endeavour soon proved unsuccessful. A 1707 mill built under the bank of Opatovický now houses the Institue of Microbiology, ASCR. There the institute conducts research of algae.

Pond Opatovický is also used in part for recreational services. Every June, the pond hosts dragon ship races.

Rožmberk Pond

Rožmberk Pond is the largest pond in the Czech Republic. It is sometimes poetically called the South Bohemian Sea. It holds over 6 million cubic metres of water. Its embankment is 2430 metres long and it is mostly lined with 150 to 400 years old oak trees.

Štěpánek Netolický came up with the concept of Rožmberk but did not proceed with his plans due to low funds and possiblity of terrible flooding. Jakub Krčín later realized those plans and simultaneously built Nová řeka River to decrease the threat of great floods. Nová řeka leads off a substantial amount of water and protects Rožmberk and its surroundings from flooding over.

In the great flood of 2002, Rožmberk held about 70-75 million cubic metres of water and expanded to the size of 2300 hectares. This saved the area and local villages from terrible damage.


The Ponds of the Třeboň Region


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