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Terms and Conditions

Booking and Cancellation Terms and Conditions

1. Parties to the Contract

Mutual contractual obligation between the accommodated party (hereinafter Customer) and the provider of accommodation at Schwarzenberský seník Guest House, DDS Tour s.r.o., company ID n.: 47912618, seat at Josefská 425/25, 602 00 Brno, Commercial Register kept by Regional Court Brno, File C, Insert 10007 (hereinafter Provider) follows regulations set by Civil and Commercial Code of Czech Republic and is defined within these regulations. Provider reserves the right to introduce other information and specifications in his business offers that take precedence over these terms.

2. Prices and Amendments thereof

Prices for accommodation and other services are quoted at and in other presentation materials of Provider. The binding price for Customer is the price quoted in booking confirmation or e-mail offer.

3. Services and Amendments to Services and Prices

Binding for the extent of services rendered is their itemization in Voucher. Information cited in presentation materials is of informative character only and does not affect the contents of contract between Customer and Provider. Provider reserves the right to change conditions of a booking due to an outside force Provider has no control over. Customer must be immediately notified of such change.

4. Deposit and Balance Payment

After Customer makes a booking, Customer will be sent a deposit slip with instructions to follow. Customer is obligated to pay a deposit of 50 % of the full price to make the reservation binding. Customer will then be sent a second deposit slip with balance overview. Balance owed shall be settled by wire transfer 7 days before arrival at the latest. Customer will then receive a completion statement at check in or check out. Provider reserves the right to adjust payment methods to fit a particular situation, should Customer require it.

5. Safety Deposit

Provider demands Customer pay a returnable safety deposit at check in. Safety deposit serves as an advance payment in case of lost, broken, or damaged parts of inventory or other damage. The amount of safety deposit returned can be lowered in case of gross offence to House Rules of Provider, for instance by smoking on the premises. Should the total cost of damage be larger than safety deposit, Customer is obligated to pay the total amount in full. Should Customer refuse to pay safety deposit at check in, Provider reserves the right to deny service to Customer without any refund of money paid. Safety deposit will be returned in cash at check out. Safety deposit is set at 40 EURO per double room or suite.

6. Cancellation by Customer, Changes in Reservation, Stand-ins; Cancellation Fees Insurance

Customer can cancel a booking at any time before arrival. Cancellation shall be submitted in writing – an e-mail with a return message is acceptable. Deciding factor in determining the time of cancellation is the date and time of the written message (or date and time stated in the return message).

Cancellation Fees Are Charged As Follows:

30 and more days before the day of arrival…………………10 % of the full price or at least 40 EURO
29 to 4 days before the day of arrival………………………….50 % of the full price or at least 40 EURO
Less than 4 days before the day of arrival or No Show……………………………….100 % of the full price

If Customer cannot for serious reasons make use of his or her booking, Provider enables Customer to make 1 time change of the date of booking in the same duration. If Customer and Provider come to a mutual agreement on the change of date of booking, Customer will be charged an administrative fee of 10 % of the full price of booking or at least 40 EURO. Any change of the date of booking carried out 30 and more days before the day of arrival is free.

Cancellation fee terms listed above also apply to change of duration of stay and to change of the number of people staying.

Settlement and potential refund of money paid by Customer lowered by cancellation fee will be carried out within 20 days of receiving a Customer signed credit note. Customer is obligated to send the original copy of signed credit note to Schwarzenberský seník, Novohradská 1278, 37901 Třeboň II. Credit note with cancellation settlement will be send to Customer by Provider within 10 days of Customer’s cancellation.

Cancellation fee or other is not paid if Customer secures Stand-ins for the exact date and duration of stay. Stand-ins must be secured on the day of arrival at the latest. Financial settlement is up to the Customer and Stand-ins.

Should Customer wish so, Provider can arrange Cancellation Fees Insurance with Allianz insurance company. Cost of insurance is 2.5 % of the full price of booking. Customer’s participation rate is set at 20 %.

7. Cancellation by Provider

Provider is authorized to cancel a booking if its realization is hindered or jeopardized, or is affected by an unforeseeable emergency that could not have been possible to foresee at the time booking was made. Provider is obligated to immediately notify Customer of such cancellation. In this case, Customer shall be refunded all money paid for arranged services in full and without delay. However, Customer is not entitled to any other recompense.

8. Complaints

Customer is obligated to make Provider known of his or her complaints to quality of service and requests to rectify those immediately. Customer is obligated to make his or her complaints without delay during his or her stay so that any failures and shortcomings can be rectified. If Customer does not make a complaint immediately, his or her claim to set potential damage right lowers or expires in cases where timely warning could have prevented said damage.

9. Insurance

Customer is not insured by DDS TOUR and insurance is not a part of the price for accommodation. Customer gets insurance individually at his or her own expense, with the exception of cancellation insurance option as stated above.

10. Effect

These Terms and Conditions apply to all Guests of

Schwarzenberský seník
Novohradská 1278
37901, Třeboň II

These Terms and Conditions come into effect on 15.6.2012 and apply to Customer from the moment of signing or by paying the prerequisite deposit stated in a deposit slip issued to Customer by Provider.


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