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Section B – Accommodation for up to 16 Guests

Section B – Details of Accommodation

Section B offers accommodation for 13 guests on regular beds and 3 guests on extra beds on fold out sofas.

Section B opens to an individual entry room furnished with shoe cabinets and a mud rack with a mirror. The ground floor holds a guest lounge with a terrace, ladies and gentlemen’s toilets, a technical room, a storage room, a hallway, and a staircase leading to the first floor. You can also find 1 spacious two-room suite (B1) there. On the first floor, there is 1 two-room suite (B5) and 3 double rooms. All guest rooms and suites have an en-suite bathroom and a kitchenette.

Guest Lounge Furnishings

The guest lounge is furnished with a kitchenette, four plate hob, multifunction microwave oven, electric kettle, big refrigerator, ceramic and enamel pots and pans, stainless cutlery, ceramic cups and plates, glassware, kitchen accessories, fire stove, television, tables and chairs.

One technical room, which houses a washing machine and a dryer, is open to the guests for a fee. There is also an assortment of cleaning products for all rooms to be found.

Price List – Section B of Schwarzenberský seník Guest House

Standard price for accommodation is 22,4 EURO per person per night. Minimal length of stay is 3 nights. You can find the details in our Price List.

Photography of Standard Room Furnishings

A suite back room in Schwarzenberský seník Double bed in double room C4. Fold out sofa and television.

Bathroom in double room C4. Shower stall in a bathroom. Double room furniture.

Double room C4 - wardrobe with storage space. Furniture in Schwarzenberský seník. Kitchenettes are equipped with a microwave oven with grill, electric kettle, and a fridge.


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