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Relaxation Getaways in Třeboň

Schwarzenberský seník Guest House offers Relaxation Getaways in Třeboň. You can enjoy a great variety of relaxation services in the spa town of Třeboň, either in Berta’s Spa or Spa Aurora, or with many other private providers.

Relaxation Getaway – basic deal:

We’ll gladly help you book relaxation services of your choice when you book a stay in Schwarzenberský seník. You can enjoy relaxation services in Třeboň on a long weekend or a holiday stay. The range of relaxation services can be arranged individually.

Should you like to book a Relaxation Getaway in Schwarzenberský seník, do not hesitate and send us an e-mail inquiry.

Details of Relaxation Getaway Services:


Massages take place in a massage studio in Třeboň roughly 800 metres away from the Guest House. The massage price is not included in the Relaxation Getaway price.

Classic Massage

Relaxation Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Chocolate Massage

Spa treatments and procedures

Bertha’s Spa and Spa Aurora offer a variety of afternoon spa treatments and procedures that can be booked individually.

Spa Aurora Třeboň (Thursday – Saturday 4:00pm – 8:00pm)

Berta’s Spa Třeboň (Thursday – Saturday 4:00pm – 8:00pm)

Swimming pool, sauna, and fitness in Spa Aurora Wellness Centre

You can buy tickets for the swimming pool at Spa Aurora reception desk. The Wellness Centre is about 2 km away from Schwarzenberský seník.


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