Schwarzenberský seník - Accommodation in Třeboň

Schwarzenberský seník Guest House

Schwarzenberský seník Guest House offers accommodation in a small, South Bohemian town called Třeboň. Accommodation offered comes in the form of double rooms and suites within three distinct sections. While being a part of one building, individual sections are separate from each other and form three autonomous guest houses.

Guest House is located in the midst of greenery at the outskirts of town. However, it is still merely a short walk away from the town centre. Its location is ideal for going cycling, among others, as there are several cycle routes that start at Schwarzenberský seník. South Bohemia and Třeboň offer a variety of engaging options for spending a pleasant holiday.

Accommodation in Třeboň – Single Rooms and Suites

Double rooms and suites with the capacity of 2 to 5 beds

Schwarzenberský seník offers accommodation for holiday, long weekends, and relaxation getaways. We offer double rooms and suites with the capacity of 2 to 5 beds. Groups of 12 to 18 people can be accommodated in whole individual sections. Schwarzenberský seník Guest House can accommodate up to 53 people (on 39 regular beds and 14 extra beds).

Standard price for accommodation is in our Price List.


Photos Schwarzenbersky senik

Standard Room Furnishings

Take a look at standard double room and suite furnishings in Schwarzenberský seník Guest House.

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Photos Schwarzenbersky senik

The Premises

Photography of Schwarzenberský seník Guest House. Evening view of lit up Guest House, view of car park, etc.

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Photos Schwarzenbersky senik

Guest Lounge and Communal Areas

Photography of communal areas in Schwarzenberský seník Guest House.

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The Ponds of the Třeboň Region


A brief history of Třeboň’s most significant ponds which offer many options for recreational fun.

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Nature Trails for Cyclists in Třeboň


Take a look at Třeboň’s most interesting bicycle routes.

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